Oliver & Nubia in undoing a furry mess with the Mikki Moult Master – Katzenworld

Here’s the gorgeous Nubia from katzenworld, along with one of her hoomans. They’re checking out a brush together. – Rose.



Hi everyone, It’s your favourite black kitty Nubia here today. And today my human thought I needed a brush… not sure if that’s the case tho… I spent hours cleaning myself!!! Nubia: Yes human… you… More

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Grumpy Cat Toys and a Not-So-Grumpy Dirk – Katzenworld

I’m sure most of you have read about Grumpy Cat or seen pictures of him. I think he’s super funny even if it’s unintentional. I doubt he’ll be happy to hear I love him or… More

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Love Sewing Magazine

Hi All,

I hope everyone’s having a lovely week so far?

Today I’d like to tell you my thoughts about Love Sewing magazine,  a brand new magazine for the sewing market, that had it’s first edition released this month, on 24th April.

Way back in February this year, I was invited to become a member of a review panel for the launch of Love Sewing magazine. This basically means that in exchange for my opinions on the magazine editions, I got a magazine subscription. Having submitted my review for this month, it occurred to me that my readers may like to hear about the magazine too.

I’ve been really looking forward to receiving the first edition of Love Sewing, and was pleased to see it pop through my letterbox on 19th April (it came early woo hoo!).Jpeg


I’ve taken my time reading through the magazine, in order to digest it properly, and can honestly say I’ve really enjoyed it. 🙂
It landed on my floor with a hefty ‘thud’ due to the extra content with the magazine.


Along with the main magazine, there’s a ‘The Love Sewing Book of Liberty Sewing’, a Fabric fat quarter from Kirstie Allsopp creative kits, a full size pattern sheet (that has patterns for projects from both the main magazine and the Liberty book), a subscription form for 3 issues of love Sewing for £6 then just £12.49 per quarter thereafter (online: http://www.practicalsubs.com/D701 Call: 0844 561 1203 Quote code D701) and finally a pre-launch subscription offer form for Quilt Now – a brand-new magazine for quilting enthusiasts, offering your first 3 issues for just £5, and a 33% saving on the shop price thereafter (online: http://www.practicalsubs.com/E1LS Call: 0844 561 1203 Quote code: E1LS).

The Love Sewing Book of Liberty Sewing is lovely. Inside there’s a 20% off all Liberty fabrics offer code for clothkits.co.uk, which is very generous, although I don’t think I’ll be able to take advantage of this offer, as Liberty fabrics are so expensive. The only Liberty fabrics I have are those that have been bought at part of a scrap bundle, and some bought in a greatly reduced sale.Jpeg

There are some lovely projects inside this booklet, most of which I would like to try at some point. – Although not necessarily using Liberty fabrics to make them. My favourite project from here is the Sewing Tidy – what a fab idea! I think I’ll be making one of these fairly soon, to help keep my sewing room tidy. Jpeg

It was great to have full sized patterns for projects, and not have to worry about enlarging them with the printer. This was a major plus to me! Although it did take me a while to realise that the pattern sheet had patterns for both the Liberty book and the main magazine.Jpeg

The FQ of fabric that came with the magazine feels as if it’s a good quality. It’s not a pattern I would have chosen for myself, but I don’t find it at all unpleasant, in fact I do quite like it. I appreciated the two projects shown as inspiration for how to use the FQ, even though it was a bit of a Hobbycraft advertisement.Jpeg

The main magazine is feature packed, and has something for all types of sewists. There are features and/or projects relating to patchwork, dressmaking, bagmaking, curtain making and more. There were also the general features you’d expect from a sewing mag, such as New fabrics, Letters page, and a library feature.
I’m a big fan of GBSB, and so of course found both the interview with Tilly Walnes and May Martin really interesting, and great reads.
There are plenty of projects to try within the magazine. This Penguin bath set is just gorgeous, but I don’t think I’ll be making it due to a lack of babies around. Jpeg
Overall, my first impression of this magazine was extremely positive. After taking my time, and careful going through the magazine, I still think very positively of the magazine. I would recommend it to anybody who sews, as I’m sure you’ll find plenty of content that will keep your interest and make it a worthwhile investment at £5.99/month (or less if you subscribe).

By the way, there are a good amount of giveaways in the magazine too, with lovely prizes 🙂


That’s all from me for now. If you do get hold of a mag, please do let me know what you think of it.


Rose. xx