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Hi everyone, It’s time for another chance to win goodies from 4cats. This time it’s a surprise box not just containing catnip and valerian toys but a selection of other cat goodies. : ) Apologies… More

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My first finish for the Finish A Long, and a busy Easter …..

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter, and had a wonderful visit from the Easter Bunny!

I’ve managed to keep myself busy around the Easter period, with a couple of presents that I’ve made for two lovely people.

The first was for a lovely lady who I’ve been lucky enough to befriend online. Sadly I’ve not had chance to meet up with her yet, but hopefully we will one day. I’ve recently read a lovely quote that applies to the many online friends I have:

Some of my Best Friends I have never met in person.
I know them only online, but that is okay.
Friendship is not about touching the hand of another,
but rather it is the touching of their heart and soul.

Like me, this lady loves cats. So of course a present for her called for some of my ever-growing stash of kitty themed fabric ;-). I decided I’d make her a fabric basket.


The kitty fabric is a cotton/linen mix, so I decided to use an Essex linen as the lining fabric, as I felt a cotton linen wouldn’t look quite right against the kitty fabric.


I’m really pleased with how well the hot pink went with the colourful kitty fabric. Of course the kitty theme had to be continued with the cute buttons that were also in my stash.


Because my friend’s birthday fell on Easter Sunday, I had to include some Creme Eggs and some Caramel Eggs too! I then made her a Birthday Card, before the card and pressie were posted off to her, and fingers were crossed very tightly that they got to her safely!


Thankfully, they did. 😀

As soon as that gift was finished, I needed to start a gift for another lovely lady. This one was for my OHs Auntie – yet another cat lover! I had planned a wall hanging for her Birthday, and to help motivate me to actually get it completed for her birthday, instead of delaying it until Christmas (which I must admit I’ve done with planned gifts before), I listed it as a finish on my Finish A Long Q2 2014 list. – (see previous blog for details) Well this tactic has actually worked, and although the timing was very close, it was finished in time to deliver to her on her birthday! Woo Hoo!! 🙂


If this had been for myself, I would probably have used calico for the backing, as it won’t be on display. As it was for a present though, I didn’t feel that would be right to do. So I chose an orange backing which complemented the kitty panel nicely. I must apologise for the quality of these photographs – they were taken with my mobile, in poor light conditions, so aren’t showing the colours correctly all of the time. I didn’t have time to wait for good light, so just had to take the pics when I could.


After quilting the wadding and backing fabric to the front panel, it was time for some hand sewing. – The hand sewing was done after the quilting, in case I chose to quilt around the outline of each of the cats – in the end I didn’t do this. As you can see, I had a supervisor whilst sewing on the whiskers and adding button eyes. She gave me her paw stamp of approval when done, so I then went on to finish the quilt with the binding. There was 1 inch of plaid design fabric framing the panel, which was turned back and used as the binding. This was a new method to me, but considering I had to rush this stage I think I did ok.


I love the effect the buttons have added to the piece, and how I’ve managed to bring a bit of bright colour into it. Each stage on this has added different textures, and enhanced what was a lovely panel to begin with. I must admit, it was hard to give this one away, but once I saw Auntie’s face, I was glad I did. She loved it as much as I do! 😀

Believe it or not, my next project has nothing to do with kitties, or kitty fabric! – I shall be making some swimming bags for my nieces.

Enjoy any Easter eggs you have left!

Rose xx

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