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Hi everyone. Apologies for my absence of posts for the last few weeks, we’ve had things to deal with at home. Here’s my favourite regular Katzenworld post, this week includes our little white and black dude, Flash….. – Rose. 



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5 Ways To Entertain Your Cats Without Spending Money – Katzenworld


Another informative post from Katzenworld …. – Rose. 


Cats are known to be natural limber and curious creature. They are very playful and always active. But, some pet owners think their adult cats are dull old souls who want to nap in the… More

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Grumpy Cat Toys and a Not-So-Grumpy Dirk – Katzenworld

I’m sure most of you have read about Grumpy Cat or seen pictures of him. I think he’s super funny even if it’s unintentional. I doubt he’ll be happy to hear I love him or… More

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Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 157) – Katzenworld

This week’s #TRT features our beloved Tika.
I miss staring into those beautiful blue eyes. RIP our treasured Tika. Gone from our home, but not from our hearts. ❤❤ – Rose.


Hello everyone, Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, why not sign up by clicking here to never miss a TRT again. We have set… More

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Free guide to unwanted cat pregnancies

Free online guide to unexpected
cat pregnancies

Do you, or someone you know, have a cat that is unexpectedly pregnant?

It’s a surprising fact that a huge 78% of cat pregnancies are unplanned by the owner, and this can come as quite a shock. Often the cause is the fact that owners are unaware that their cat can get pregnant from as young as four months old – before many owners have considered neutering.

To help owners that suddenly find themselves in a situation where their cat is pregnant, our colleagues at Agria Pet Insurance, supported by Your Cat magazine, have created an online guide covering what to expect and what to do.

Agria's Pregnant Cat and Kitten Guide

From identifying when a cat is in heat to what to do during kittening and when to neuter afterwards, the guide offers clear, accessible, step-by-step advice to cover the entire period.

As well as highlighting health problems to look out for, the guide also advises on how to find good homes for the litter – which is one of the most important things owners can do, considering current figures show that between 130,000 and 150,000 of cats of all ages find themselves in rehoming centres.


Source: Free guide to unwanted cat pregnancies

Sunday Stash ….. 1st June 2014

Hi everyone,

I know, I know, everybody’s saying it today, but I can’t believe it’s the 1st of June already! This year really is zooming by at an alarming rate!

Well you may recall that I’ve been on a fabric diet. – I decided to treat myself for actually managing to go for 2 weeks without buying loads of scrummy fabric!! I didn’t go overboard, but because of my treats and some pre-orders, I do have a few goodies to show you this week 🙂

I’m so excited about this first lot of fabric I have to show you! I pre-ordered it way back in April, and last week I received a card from Royal mail asking for some customs and handling before releasing a package to me. I knew that it must be my FQ bundle of Here Kitty Kitty by Alyssa Thomas of Penguin and Fish for Clothworks Fabrics. JpegThe photo above shows part of the jiffy bag that the bundle came in. I had to show you the cute hand-drawn kitty that Alyssa has sketched onto the packaging. 🙂JpegThis lovely Raccoon embroidery pattern was a lovely surprise with the parcel – I’d already received 3 digital patterns when I made the pre-order (all kitty related, of course!).  Another lovely touch within the parcel was a personalised Thank You card from Alyssa. I find small touches like this very special. Jpeg

Aren’t the fabrics gorgeous?! They feel lovely to touch – so smooth and soft. And I love the way the bundles were tied together, those bows are made up of thin pieces of the Here Kitty Kitty fabrics.

My next offering is another pre-ordered bundle. It’s my monthly Stash Club parcel from Simply SolidsJpeg As you can see, this months colour is yellow. I have a subscription for a mixed bundle of 7 FQs, that include 4 textured FQs and 3 solid FQs per month.

Now onto my buys. This is the FQ bundle I mentioned I bought last Sunday, and was delivered during the week. It has 2 pieces of cute kitty fabric on it (this kitty thing really is a bit of an obsession I’m afraid).JpegThe colours are lovely and vibrant in the bundle. This was bought from the Fabricaholics Anonymous Facebook page that I’ve told you about previously.

Another love of mine (other than kitty fabric) is polka dot fabrics. You’ve probably seen me waffle on before about how versatile I think they are, but they really are fab! This piece of Moda Dots was irresistible when it came up for sale, especially as the seller accepted the offer I made her. 🙂JpegAgain, this was bought through the Fabricaholics Anonymous Facebook page.

My final fabric offering for you this week was actually purchased 2 weeks ago, whilst researching dog fabrics for a friends dog quilt. I saw this cute fabric that has dogs, cats, rabbits and bears on it, but it came all the way from China, so I only received it this week. JpegI think it’s quite unusual, with the animals taking the form of Russian Dolls. This was bought from Ebay.

I’m definitely going to have to really try to be good with my fabric diet for quite a while now. I raided my savings during the week, and treated myself to a new (well, new to me but second hand) machine! 😀 It’s an embroidery only machine – I’ve never used one before, but am so excited and can’t wait to use it. Jpeg

As you can see, it’s a Janome Memory Craft 200E. It arrived yesterday morning, but I’ve not had chance to play with it yet 😦 I will definitely be making time to do so tomorrow. If any of you own embroidery machines, and have any tips for a novice, please do pass them on.

Oh, and by the way, – a pinch and a punch for the first of the month 😉

Rose xx

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Made with love …….

I’m finally here to show you the recent birthday presents I’ve made – and I’ve also got some swimming bags to show you, that are part of my Finish A Long 2014 Q2 List (see this post for more details).


It was my lovely friend Hannah’s (quirkyhannah) birthday a couple of weeks ago. Quite a while ago I’d decided I wanted to make her some kind of sewing wallet/portfolio but I hadn’t decided on the exact details of the piece. So in the end I created a piece that was a kind of mash up of 3 different patterns, with my own additions too.

Here’s the front of the wallet:Jpeg

Hannah loves retro fabrics, so I tried to select plenty of those to go into making the patchwork for the wallet. Here’s the back:


Hannah loves to do english paper piecing, so the idea behind this wallet is that it would be a way to take her paper piecing kit with her, wherever she goes. This photo shows the wallet partly open, and shows how it could hold templates and fabrics within pockets:


Another love of Hannah’s is vintage fabric. Of course I also had to use some vintage fabric in the wallet, and thought the lining was an ideal area to place this cute lilac coloured piece I had.  This final photo of the sewing wallet shows how it could be used, with scissors, needles, fabrics and thread in place:


The pockets were made with the remains of some F8s that I had, and the binding came from a batch of fabrics I’d bought a while ago. A small piece of blue felt was used to create the needlebook. A length of ric-rac was used for the thread holder, finally an elastic hair tie was used to attach to a large button for closing the wallet.

Sadly, due to the fact that I’m hopeless at judging how long a project will take, the present wasn’t posted in time to reach Hannah for her Birthday 😦 Thankfully it did arrive the next day, so it wasn’t too late. It sounds like Hannah was happy with her pressie too. 🙂



A few days later, it was Simon’s Mum’s birthday. We’d already gotten her a voucher for a shop she likes, but I like to make something when I can. So for Si’s Mum I’d decided to make a table topper.

A few months ago I went to a workshop at a local wool/fabric shop (Anca, Shrewsbury) where we made a disappearing 4 block. In fact, we made 3 of these, in different sizes. I thought that one of these blocks would be ideal for Si’s Mum’s table topper, especially as it had cats on it (yep, another post with cats in it)! Here’s the finished table topper:


This is made with Michael Miller’s Calico Cats and Timeless Treasures Sketch in Aqua. I think this is my favourite cat print that I have, the colours on it are really gorgeous. Sadly these photos don’t show these fabrics off to their best, due to the lighting and the fact I took them with my phone – apologies for that. I had a limited time to get the photos.


The photo above shows the backing fabric. This Hillberg roses fabric was chosen because Si’s Mum had previously seen this print in another colour, and said how much she liked it. I thought the yellow colour complemented the front nicely.


This was always pieced together with the intention of being a table topper. That’s the reason for the prints facing in opposite directions. That way, no matter which side of the table you’re sat at, the prints look right.


A few months ago, I made a swimming bag out of some Hello Kitty ripstop for Si’s youngest niece after she achieved her first swimming badge. A while later I learnt that her two older sisters would like a swimming bag of their own too, and in order to make sure these were done in a timely manner, I entered them onto my Finish A Long 2014 Q2 list (see this post for more details). Well I’m pleased to say that I got both bags finished yesterday evening, and managed to see the girls (as we refer to the nieces) to give them their bags.



I gave the girls a choice of  ripstop and the colour of cording used on the bag. The bag above was for the eldest of the girls.


The above bag was for the middle girl. I wasn’t sure about the lilac cording, but it was what she wanted, and it’s her bag after all.

Both girls seemed really happy with their bags, – especially as they both had a name label sewn inside them. Lol! 😀


Well, that’s it from me for today. I’m going to another workshop at Anca, Shrewsbury tomorrow, where I’ll be doing a Weed Whacker patchwork block. Should be fun! I’ll let you know how I get on.

Rose xx


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Sunday Stash ….. 18th May 2014

Wow! Sunday again, and I never did get round to showing you the presents I’d made – sorry about that. Had a few problems, which I promise I will tell you about later on in the week.

Anyway, back to this weeks stash post. As you may recall, last week I told you all that I’d decided to go on a fabric diet. – Well, guess what? I’ve actually managed to stick to it! (Well, pretty much, anyway) This is really unusual for me, so I must admit, I am feeling quite proud of myself! 🙂

It does also mean that I don’t have as many pretty fabric photos to show you as usual though. 😦

My first piece of fabric to show you, is a purchase I’d ordered before I’d agreed to go on the fabric diet. This was ordered from another Facebook page I buy from, The Secret Stash Club. (This is a secret group, that you can only join by being invited by a member)

DSC_0746I have a bit of a thing for polka dots fabrics – they’re such a handy pattern to have in your stash. I particularly love the colour combination in this.


Now this next piece of fabric was bought this week despite the diet, BUT as it’s a panel, and it’s been bought to make a present for a specific person, then I’m claiming it doesn’t count as a fabric buy. 😉 DSC_0753The kitty looks very much like a cat I know, and I had to buy it while it was available. I picked this up from the Fabric and Haberdashery for sale… Facebook page (again a secret page, sorry).

Do you remember me mentioning last week that I’d arranged some fabric swaps? Well I sent my fabrics as arranged, and got these lovely fabrics in return:DSC_0755These geeky themed F8s were from a lovely lady on the Fabricaholics Anonymous Facebook page that I’ve mentioned in a previous post. These were in exchange for F8s of the circuit fabric I showed on my previous Sunday Stash post.

I also received this lovely kitty fabric as part of a swap. Isn’t it cute?DSC_0752 This was from the lovely Kerry, who blogs at blog.pennydog.com, and was in exchange for a F8 of the goldfish fabric I had in my Sunday Stash post two weeks ago. Here’s a close up of the kitties: DSC_0751

Sorry the focus isn’t great, but I hope you can make them out ok. The fabric is designed by Kerry, and I think it’s a great design. 🙂


Well, that’s it for this weeks stash post. If I manage to stick to my fabric diet, next weeks post will be shorter still!

I will get back to you all soon with details about the pressies I made. – They’re a travel sewing wallet and a table topper.

Rose xx


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Sunday Stash ….. 11th May 2014


I hope everybody’s had a lovely week? As always, the week has flown by. Doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was typing my last blog post, which was a whole week ago!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted all week – I have been sewing, only it’s been on secret projects 😉 I have a lovely friend whose birthday it is tomorrow, and my OHs Mum’s birthday is on Wednesday. I wanted to give them both something handmade, with much love put into it. So I have been busy pressie making. – Details of which I will hopefully be able to reveal to you later on in the week.

So, back to the subject, this weeks stash post.

I love fabric with text on it, so couldn’t resist this bundle which became available on Fabricaholics Anonymous Facebook page (a page for selling your unwanted fabric/buying other peoples unwanted stash). DSC_0742Unfortunately, this page is so popular there is currently a waiting list of people wishing to join the group! It’s a secret group, which can only be joined by the invitation of a friend who is already a member of the group.

Another purchase from this group was this lovely piece with big bold numerals on it, and from the same seller I thought this small scrap of bright bird fabric was really cute too!DSC_0743

I occasionally buy fabrics in from America. This was the case with this “A little bit retro” fq bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics. As I often do, I ordered along with a friend, so that we could share the shipping costs. 🙂 A little bit retro F bundleIsn’t it an adorable little bundle?

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a member of a fabric buying co-op (not the Co-op that’s been in the news recently I hasten to add!),  and have received an order I placed a few weeks ago. It just happened to be some cat fabric! – Who’d of though eh? 😉

The lady who arranges the co-op was also selling off some of her own stash, and even though I still haven’t braved the actual sewing with knit, this Owl knit looked gorgeous and as it was being sold at a great price I had to grab it!

CATS by Dawn Bishop for Dashwood StudiosI’m hoping to brave the knit soon, and perhaps make my-self a t-shirt with it. By the way, the gorgeous kitties are “CATS” by Dawn Bishop for Dashwood Studios. They have some really nice designs, a number of which I have now.

Finally my last item to show you this week, is a piece I bough in a remnant sale from the Make and Do Facebook page. DSC_0740I already have some of this in the green colour, which has been earmarked for making the OH a lunch/work bag with. I will now add this into it as well. – Both myself (whilst still able to work) and OH are electronic  engineers, so this fabric is really apt.

Next weeks Sunday Stash blog post should be very brief. – Myself and a friend have both agreed to go on a fabric diet for a while, although my track record for fabric diets isn’t great. There are a few pieces that were ordered before agreeing to the diet though, and I’ve also arranged a few swaps.

Don’t forget that the Sew Mama Sew giveaways begin tomorrow. – Check out my friend quirkyhannah who will be running what is sure to be a fantastic giveaway!

Rose xx


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Sunday Stash ….. 04 May 2014

Wow! May already! This year seems to be flying by at a scarily rapid pace!

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I have 3 adorable kitties. We let them go in and out as they please during the daytime (via a cat flap), but in an attempt to prevent as many hunting attacks as possible, we like them to wear a collar with a bell attached. Hopefully the sound of the bell tinkling will warn any would be prey that the kitty is around, and give it chance to escape. We don’t use the collars with elastic on them, as we’ve been told and have read, that they can be quite dangerous to cats. – So we use the collars that have “Safety Buckles” fitted on them. This means  the collars do come away very easily – great from a safety point of view, although we have had to replace a number of collars since having the cats.

This is why I’ve decided to start making my own kitty collars. I’ve ordered the majority of the components from China via Ebay and everything I’ve ordered has now arrived. DSC_0723So all I need now to be able to make up the collars is some 10 mm webbing, although I have had some trouble finding this is good colours at a reasonable price. If you sell this, or know somebody who does, then please let me know. I couldn’t resist adding these cute bells to the collection too, again from China:DSC_0718


Early in the week, I received a parcel from Cookes Quilting:DSC_0724This was ordered from them at The Quilt and Stitch Village, and is for the quilt I’m planning to make for my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary, as mentioned in my last Sunday Stash post.  It’s actually part of a Christmas range from Stof fabrics.


My next parcel contained some Kona Coal, which is a lovely mid-grey colour despite it’s name suggesting otherwise. It also contained a piece from the Wildwood collection by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studios. These Sienna coloured mushrooms were the only piece I had missing from this collection, but now have the entire collection :-). DSC_0732


I’m a member of a Facebook page, where people can sell their no longer needed fabrics. A few weeks ago I spotted a piece of fabric that co-ordinated with one of my lovely kitty fabrics, so of course I had to get it:DSC_0734

The fabric on the right is the fabric I already had, and the goldfish is the piece I bought from the Facebook page. They’re from the Go Fish collection designed by Hoodie for Timeless Treasures.


I’ve also received some knit in the post this week. Now I’ll be honest, I’m quite scared of using knit, so I bought this as it was a great price, so I thought it would be ideal to practice with. Only when I ordered it, I hadn’t noticed that the pattern was very winter-like with it’s snowflakes. I’m not sure it could be worn at any other time than winter? What do you think? DSC_0735

It will still be great to practice with though, just the garments won’t be able to be worn yet.


My final pieces of stash came from Simply Solids, as part of their Stash Club. – This is a subscription package that delivers a bundle of solid and textured fabric each month. DSC_0729 I love this months colours, and am really happy with the textured fabrics too.


Hope you all enjoy your Bank Holiday. I’m planning to get a few pressies sewn this week, which I don’t think I’ll be able to share until they’ve been received by the recipients.

Rose xx


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