About Me

Hi, I’m Rose. šŸ™‚ I live with my boyfriend (or OH), Simon, and our eight gorgeous kitties. I’m a crazy cat lady, which is reflected in my ever-increasing cat fabric stash! – But don’t worry, I do have plenty of non-cat fabrics too!

I started sewing in late Jan 2013, after becoming inspired by my friendĀ quirkyhannah‘s blogs, and was hooked straight away! My first item was a cat-nip toy for my cats – seemed to go down well lol!Jpeg

I’ve learnt a lot, and still have loads more to learn! I did a small amount of sewing during one termĀ at school, but did no moreĀ until my late thirties. It was all a bit scary when I first decided to give it a try, yet instantly addictive.

I’m finding the internet a wonderful resource for learning new sewing and craft skills, and also for finding new friends who are also interested in sewing. I also attend some workshops at a local fabric store, which are a great way to pick up new techniques as well as new patchwork patterns.

I’m hoping that my blog will grow along with my sewing skills, and that I’ll be able to share some makes (and possibly some failures) with you.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts. Any comments would be welcome, good or bad. I do try to reply to all comments.

Rose xx

I’d just like to add that since some family losses I have found it extremely difficult to find my sew-jo, hence the lack of posts. You may start to notice my blog taking on more of a cat theme instead of sewing now.

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