About Me

Hi, I’m Rose. 🙂 I live with my boyfriend (or OH), Simon, and our eight gorgeous kitties. Four are moggies (non-pedigrees/alleycats), and four are Ragdolls. Yes, I’m a crazy cat lady, Si and I are slaves to our fur-babies.

Our fur-babies and our fur-angel

I started sewing in late Jan 2013, after becoming inspired by my friend quirkyhannah‘s blogs, and was hooked straight away! My first item was a cat-nip toy for my cats – seemed to go down well lol!


Sweepy loves their homemade toy ❤

I’m finding the internet a wonderful resource for learning new information and also for finding new friends with the same interests.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts. Any comments would be welcome, good or bad. I do try to reply to all comments.

Rose xx

I’d just like to add that since some family losses I have found it extremely difficult to find my sew-jo, hence the lack of posts. You may start to notice my blog taking on more of a cat theme instead of sewing now.


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