Gizmo’s latest disappointment…

I thought this story was cute. Hope you like it too …..

kitty up the curtain

I’m afraid to say Gizmo is not a happy kitty this evening, and it’s my fault. You’re probably thinking I’ve done something horrid to him, like inserting a thermometer where the sun doesn’t shine, or told him off for stripping wallpaper AGAIN, but you would be wrong on both accounts.

I’m afraid it’s far worse, in Gizmos opinion.


You see, over the past year, Gizmo has been receiving regular deliveries from his friends and fans, and has got to know many of the local couriers on first name terms. Gizmo has received some wonderful things through the post; toys, samples, products to test to destruction etc.

To be honest, normally, when I open the front door to sign for a parcel, 99% of the time, it has had Gizmos name on it! Admittedly, it is a bit weird when I open the door and the courier is eagerly looking around…

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