These coats sound great for keeping your dogs cool in the hot weather! …….

Bella and Squiggle

Cool Coat Review

squiggle 2

As some of you will know some of me pals on twitter has got Cool coats to keep em cool now da weather is hotting up. So I asked em for a few words on what dey fort.

Ella @Elladogue said:

I luffs ma cool coat it really does work, I really do struggle with da heat an dis really does make a difference.

ella cool1ella cool

Boo @sedgewick100  said:

The cool coat has been an absolute god send, I love it. It really really makes a difference on a hot day and keeps me cool and relaxed and it was all great advise from me pal Squiggle. .

boo in cool coat

Eric @ericmcbrug said:

OMB I LOVES my Cool Coat, it’s Fantastic, no more panting and snorting for me on my walks

eric in cool coat

So I think they all like their cool coats and they did exactly what they are supposed to they keep…

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