Sunday Stash ….. 8th June 2014

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve not had anything to share with you during the week. So here I am again with my Sunday Stash post. Not a great deal to this post tonight, – my fabric diet is actually working!! – The only purchases I’ve made are for a quilt that a friend has commissioned.

Firstly, my second edition of Love Sewing arrived this week (as explained in this previous post, I’ve been lucky enough to be selected to be on a review panel for the magazine, so get a free subscription). I really enjoyed last months magazine, so this month’s has a lot to live up to!JpegThis months magazine came with a free tape measure, pattern for a pencil skirt and blouse (as shown on front cover) and Amy Butler cushion pattern/templates. This is along with the general magazine content that includes projects and articles of various themes. I’m about two thirds through reading the magazine, and once again am very impressed with it.

This next piece of fabric is to be the border of the quilt I’m making for a friend. She’s asked for a 40″ x 50″ patchwork quilt, that has a section across it’s length in which her dog’s name will be appliquéd. I already had a lovely charm pack within my stash (Max & Whiskers for Moda Fabrics) that totally suited the style of quilt my friend had described. JpegThe fabric above is yardage from the Max & Whiskers collection, and I have purchased this to create the 2.5inch border that will be sewn around the patchwork and name block (the bones are more of an aqua colour than this photo shows – sorry about that). This was purchased from Laughing Hedgehog.


I spent a while looking into what type of wadding would be the best to use, as this quilt is to be used by a dog, and so is likely to require  more washing than most quilts. JpegIn the end, I decided that Quilters Dream Green wadding sounded ideal for this use. – It’s environmentally friendly too, as it’s made from recycled plastic bottles! I’m hoping it will quilt ok, as I’ve worked with cotton wadding on most of my projects.  This was bought from Cotton Patch.


That’s all for this week – told you it was a short one!

I will try to get a post out to you in the week if I can, but not promising anything. Otherwise I’ll join you again next week (if I have anything to share).

Rose xx


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