Sunday Stash ….. 25th May 2014

Back again with my usual Sunday Stash post. I’m afraid I don’t have a great deal to show you this week, due to my on-going fabric diet. – Amazingly for me, I have pretty well managed to stick to this diet (apart from the odd excusable exception)  for just over two weeks now!! – So today I’ve ordered some fabric as a celebratory treat 🙂 It is after all a fabric diet, not a fabric ban. 😉

Anyway, back to this weeks new stash items. My first thing to show you are these lovely handmade buttons:JpegI had them made by the lovely Becky from Funkylime. She offers a great service, and sent a mock up picture before I went ahead with my order. All the way throughout the process, her communication was great. I thought these would be a lovely way to personalise any item I give or sell to people.


My second offering to show you is that I received two of my monthly magazines during the week:IMG_20140525_183627_367-2[1]I really enjoy both of these magazines, and love looking at the different projects in them each month. As you can see, this months Love Patchwork & Quilting comes with a bundle of 150 free pre-cut hexagon templates in 1″, 1½” and 2″ sizes (50 of each).


Finally, I did make one fabric purchase during the week, But I think this is an excusable purchase.IMG_20140525_183911[1]One of my friends has asked for a price for a dog themed quilt for her dog. Whilst looking at prices of different dog themed fabrics, I spotted this particular piece at a bargain price. – I figured that even if my friend doesn’t go ahead with her quilt, or doesn’t like this particular fabric, there are plenty of dog lovers around that I know who would love it, so I should have no problem finding a use for it.


So that’s all from me for this weeks stash post. I know I will have some fabric to show you next week – I have a customs fee card from Royal mail, which I believe is for a pre-order I made for a FQ bundle of Here Kitty Kitty. There’s also hopefully going to be the fabric I ordered today, as mentioned earlier.

Rose xx


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Stash ….. 25th May 2014

  1. The buttons look awesome and what a neat idea, I am somehow wishing I could get the Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine just for the hexies ;). Are the customs fees very expensive? I am glad that in Greece they never charge, they did at one point but I am guessing the Greek people revolted and now they don’t charge, that’s the way things work in Greece and one reason they are in such financial trouble.


    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments Mara. 🙂
      Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine is a great read too, as well as giving brilliant gifts with the mag each month. I’m assuming you can’t get it in Greece then? The customs fees are just over £17, but £8 of this goes to Royal Mail as a handling fee, which is crazy, especially as Royal Mail’s service is terrible. I’m quite happy to pay the fee though, because firstly the fabric is much cheaper from the US than it is here in the UK, and secondly with this particular order the shipping fee was extremely inexpensive 🙂 xx


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