Weed Whacker Workshop

Those of you who read last nights post may recall me mentioning that I was attending a patchwork workshop today. Well I’ve been, and had a great time!

The workshop was held at Anca-Wools, which is a lovely wool, fabric and haberdashery shop in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I’ve been to a number of workshops here, and they really are fantastic. I get to learn new techniques and tips, whilst making a patchwork block that’s new to me and having a good natter too! 🙂

There were 5 of us sewing today, including Anne, the shop owner. – She often takes part in the workshops with us, which is really nice. Both Anne and Catherine (the lady who runs the patchwork workshops at Anca) are ex-teachers, and this shows in that they both explain things very well.

Today’s workshop was for the Weed Whacker block. – I had no idea how this block would look, and have previously found that googling a block prior to a workshop can make matters confusing. For this reason, I took a number of fabric options along with me to the workshop, and of course had in mind that we were in a fabric shop, so if necessary could buy more fabric.

As soon as I was shown how the block looked, I knew exactly which of my fabric choices I was going to use:Riley Blake Hope

I’ve had this collection of Riley Blake Hope FQs for a while now. I bought them with the intention of using them in a quilt, and have just been waiting for the right block to come along.

I’d taken along some cream and white fabrics with me, to use for a background fabric (there’s always a need for a background fabric), but when it came time to cut the fabrics, I wasn’t happy with either of these colours. Instead I bought some Makower solid red from the shop.

Due to my health issues, I have problems when it comes to cutting and ironing fabrics. At home I get around this in a number of ways e.g I have a Sizzix cutting machine and a number of dies, I have a small Clover iron and/or I simply take lots of rest after cutting or ironing. When I’m at a workshop at Anca, I am very fortunate to have Catherine and Anne who cut and iron my fabrics for me.

Here’s the result of today’s workshop, one Weed Whacker block (still requires trimming up):Jpeg


I plan to eventually make another three of these blocks, and piece them together with a border to make a lap quilt. I’ve kept the scraps and bonus triangles created during the creation of this block, which will go towards making up the border.


Well, that’s all I’ve got to tell you today. I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully, with a Sunday Stash post. Although it will be a very light post, due to my current fabric diet!


Rose xx


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