Made with love …….

I’m finally here to show you the recent birthday presents I’ve made – and I’ve also got some swimming bags to show you, that are part of my Finish A Long 2014 Q2 List (see this post for more details).


It was my lovely friend Hannah’s (quirkyhannah) birthday a couple of weeks ago. Quite a while ago I’d decided I wanted to make her some kind of sewing wallet/portfolio but I hadn’t decided on the exact details of the piece. So in the end I created a piece that was a kind of mash up of 3 different patterns, with my own additions too.

Here’s the front of the wallet:Jpeg

Hannah loves retro fabrics, so I tried to select plenty of those to go into making the patchwork for the wallet. Here’s the back:


Hannah loves to do english paper piecing, so the idea behind this wallet is that it would be a way to take her paper piecing kit with her, wherever she goes. This photo shows the wallet partly open, and shows how it could hold templates and fabrics within pockets:


Another love of Hannah’s is vintage fabric. Of course I also had to use some vintage fabric in the wallet, and thought the lining was an ideal area to place this cute lilac coloured piece I had.  This final photo of the sewing wallet shows how it could be used, with scissors, needles, fabrics and thread in place:


The pockets were made with the remains of some F8s that I had, and the binding came from a batch of fabrics I’d bought a while ago. A small piece of blue felt was used to create the needlebook. A length of ric-rac was used for the thread holder, finally an elastic hair tie was used to attach to a large button for closing the wallet.

Sadly, due to the fact that I’m hopeless at judging how long a project will take, the present wasn’t posted in time to reach Hannah for her Birthday 😦 Thankfully it did arrive the next day, so it wasn’t too late. It sounds like Hannah was happy with her pressie too. 🙂



A few days later, it was Simon’s Mum’s birthday. We’d already gotten her a voucher for a shop she likes, but I like to make something when I can. So for Si’s Mum I’d decided to make a table topper.

A few months ago I went to a workshop at a local wool/fabric shop (Anca, Shrewsbury) where we made a disappearing 4 block. In fact, we made 3 of these, in different sizes. I thought that one of these blocks would be ideal for Si’s Mum’s table topper, especially as it had cats on it (yep, another post with cats in it)! Here’s the finished table topper:


This is made with Michael Miller’s Calico Cats and Timeless Treasures Sketch in Aqua. I think this is my favourite cat print that I have, the colours on it are really gorgeous. Sadly these photos don’t show these fabrics off to their best, due to the lighting and the fact I took them with my phone – apologies for that. I had a limited time to get the photos.


The photo above shows the backing fabric. This Hillberg roses fabric was chosen because Si’s Mum had previously seen this print in another colour, and said how much she liked it. I thought the yellow colour complemented the front nicely.


This was always pieced together with the intention of being a table topper. That’s the reason for the prints facing in opposite directions. That way, no matter which side of the table you’re sat at, the prints look right.


A few months ago, I made a swimming bag out of some Hello Kitty ripstop for Si’s youngest niece after she achieved her first swimming badge. A while later I learnt that her two older sisters would like a swimming bag of their own too, and in order to make sure these were done in a timely manner, I entered them onto my Finish A Long 2014 Q2 list (see this post for more details). Well I’m pleased to say that I got both bags finished yesterday evening, and managed to see the girls (as we refer to the nieces) to give them their bags.



I gave the girls a choice of  ripstop and the colour of cording used on the bag. The bag above was for the eldest of the girls.


The above bag was for the middle girl. I wasn’t sure about the lilac cording, but it was what she wanted, and it’s her bag after all.

Both girls seemed really happy with their bags, – especially as they both had a name label sewn inside them. Lol! 😀


Well, that’s it from me for today. I’m going to another workshop at Anca, Shrewsbury tomorrow, where I’ll be doing a Weed Whacker patchwork block. Should be fun! I’ll let you know how I get on.

Rose xx


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    • Thanks. Hannah made me a sewing portfolio last year, and I knew she still needed something for herself. I also deliberately wanted it to be different to what she’d sewn me. She sounds very pleased with the outcome 🙂 xx


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