Sunday Stash ….. 11th May 2014


I hope everybody’s had a lovely week? As always, the week has flown by. Doesn’t seem like five minutes since I was typing my last blog post, which was a whole week ago!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted all week – I have been sewing, only it’s been on secret projects 😉 I have a lovely friend whose birthday it is tomorrow, and my OHs Mum’s birthday is on Wednesday. I wanted to give them both something handmade, with much love put into it. So I have been busy pressie making. – Details of which I will hopefully be able to reveal to you later on in the week.

So, back to the subject, this weeks stash post.

I love fabric with text on it, so couldn’t resist this bundle which became available on Fabricaholics Anonymous Facebook page (a page for selling your unwanted fabric/buying other peoples unwanted stash). DSC_0742Unfortunately, this page is so popular there is currently a waiting list of people wishing to join the group! It’s a secret group, which can only be joined by the invitation of a friend who is already a member of the group.

Another purchase from this group was this lovely piece with big bold numerals on it, and from the same seller I thought this small scrap of bright bird fabric was really cute too!DSC_0743

I occasionally buy fabrics in from America. This was the case with this “A little bit retro” fq bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics. As I often do, I ordered along with a friend, so that we could share the shipping costs. 🙂 A little bit retro F bundleIsn’t it an adorable little bundle?

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m a member of a fabric buying co-op (not the Co-op that’s been in the news recently I hasten to add!),  and have received an order I placed a few weeks ago. It just happened to be some cat fabric! – Who’d of though eh? 😉

The lady who arranges the co-op was also selling off some of her own stash, and even though I still haven’t braved the actual sewing with knit, this Owl knit looked gorgeous and as it was being sold at a great price I had to grab it!

CATS by Dawn Bishop for Dashwood StudiosI’m hoping to brave the knit soon, and perhaps make my-self a t-shirt with it. By the way, the gorgeous kitties are “CATS” by Dawn Bishop for Dashwood Studios. They have some really nice designs, a number of which I have now.

Finally my last item to show you this week, is a piece I bough in a remnant sale from the Make and Do Facebook page. DSC_0740I already have some of this in the green colour, which has been earmarked for making the OH a lunch/work bag with. I will now add this into it as well. – Both myself (whilst still able to work) and OH are electronic  engineers, so this fabric is really apt.

Next weeks Sunday Stash blog post should be very brief. – Myself and a friend have both agreed to go on a fabric diet for a while, although my track record for fabric diets isn’t great. There are a few pieces that were ordered before agreeing to the diet though, and I’ve also arranged a few swaps.

Don’t forget that the Sew Mama Sew giveaways begin tomorrow. – Check out my friend quirkyhannah who will be running what is sure to be a fantastic giveaway!

Rose xx


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