Sunday Stash ….. 04 May 2014

Wow! May already! This year seems to be flying by at a scarily rapid pace!

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I have 3 adorable kitties. We let them go in and out as they please during the daytime (via a cat flap), but in an attempt to prevent as many hunting attacks as possible, we like them to wear a collar with a bell attached. Hopefully the sound of the bell tinkling will warn any would be prey that the kitty is around, and give it chance to escape. We don’t use the collars with elastic on them, as we’ve been told and have read, that they can be quite dangerous to cats. – So we use the collars that have “Safety Buckles” fitted on them. This means  the collars do come away very easily – great from a safety point of view, although we have had to replace a number of collars since having the cats.

This is why I’ve decided to start making my own kitty collars. I’ve ordered the majority of the components from China via Ebay and everything I’ve ordered has now arrived. DSC_0723So all I need now to be able to make up the collars is some 10 mm webbing, although I have had some trouble finding this is good colours at a reasonable price. If you sell this, or know somebody who does, then please let me know. I couldn’t resist adding these cute bells to the collection too, again from China:DSC_0718


Early in the week, I received a parcel from Cookes Quilting:DSC_0724This was ordered from them at The Quilt and Stitch Village, and is for the quilt I’m planning to make for my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary, as mentioned in my last Sunday Stash post.  It’s actually part of a Christmas range from Stof fabrics.


My next parcel contained some Kona Coal, which is a lovely mid-grey colour despite it’s name suggesting otherwise. It also contained a piece from the Wildwood collection by Bethan Janine for Dashwood Studios. These Sienna coloured mushrooms were the only piece I had missing from this collection, but now have the entire collection :-). DSC_0732


I’m a member of a Facebook page, where people can sell their no longer needed fabrics. A few weeks ago I spotted a piece of fabric that co-ordinated with one of my lovely kitty fabrics, so of course I had to get it:DSC_0734

The fabric on the right is the fabric I already had, and the goldfish is the piece I bought from the Facebook page. They’re from the Go Fish collection designed by Hoodie for Timeless Treasures.


I’ve also received some knit in the post this week. Now I’ll be honest, I’m quite scared of using knit, so I bought this as it was a great price, so I thought it would be ideal to practice with. Only when I ordered it, I hadn’t noticed that the pattern was very winter-like with it’s snowflakes. I’m not sure it could be worn at any other time than winter? What do you think? DSC_0735

It will still be great to practice with though, just the garments won’t be able to be worn yet.


My final pieces of stash came from Simply Solids, as part of their Stash Club. – This is a subscription package that delivers a bundle of solid and textured fabric each month. DSC_0729 I love this months colours, and am really happy with the textured fabrics too.


Hope you all enjoy your Bank Holiday. I’m planning to get a few pressies sewn this week, which I don’t think I’ll be able to share until they’ve been received by the recipients.

Rose xx


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