Sunday Stash ….. 27 April 2014

Hi all, me again!

As those of you who follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter might already know, I went to the British Quilt and Stitch Village 2014 yesterday. This is held at Uttoxeter Racecourse and is around a 1 hour 20 mins drive away from where I live.

Due to an ongoing  joint problem I have, I don’t currently drive. Luckily for me, I have a great OH (Simon) who agreed to drive me there, and even to push me round in my wheelchair if necessary. Thankfully that wasn’t needed as I managed to get round using my walking stick.

Before entering the hall, we went into the Embroidery Exhibits & Demonstrations area. There were some really gorgeous pieces in here. Whilst in this area, we met sewing expert Lorna Knight  who has written a book called The Sewing Machine Accessory Bible with Wendy Gardiner. The book sounded really interesting, as it basically shows you how to get the most out of  your sewing machine using different feet. So I bought myself a copy from her.

Lorna Knight

Whilst chatting to Lorna, she told me about a workshop she was running later that afternoon for Fabric Postcards and Bookmarks, and that she thought she had a few places left on it. She even tried to talk Si into taking a place on it, but he was having none of it, even when she mentioned another couple were signed up for the course, and talked about the lovely policeman from the Great British Sewing Bee. Lol! 😀

Here’s my result from the workshop – unfortunately I’m quite a slow worker, so an hour was no where near long enough for me! Hence the unfinished postcard, and fabric marker pen where I would have preferred sewing.


After entering the main hall, I did restrain myself as much as I could. Although it wasn’t long before my first fabric purchase from White Cottage Country Crafts. Who’d have guessed it would be kitty related fabric? 😉

White Cottage Country Crafts

My next purchase was from The Sewing Patch, where I was instantly drawn to the fabric with cats faces. I tried as hard as I could to resist it, but just had to have some in the end. The Bluebird Park fabric will add to a fat eighth bundle of that range that I have. I like the black fabric with squares, I think it’ll work well in patchwork or be a great liner in bags.

The Sewing Patch


Si spotted my next purchase, and I’m glad he did. This kitty panel from The Corner Patch is so cute!

The Corner Patch 2


I bought the panel and two of the co-ords that go with it. My plan is to cut up each individual panel, and frame it with the pale co-ord, then fill in the quilt top with the blue. Here’s the other side of the panel, with the co-ords:

The Corner Patch 1

It was lovely stopping by the Simply Solids stall. I met Justine at the Festival of Quilts last year, and was pleasantly surprised to find she remembered who I was after all that time. I have of course been ordering from the shop during that time too. It was great to meet Lisa for the first time too, and I took the opportunity to have a bit of a natter with them both. Of course, I made some purchases too!

Simply Solids


My final purchase was from Cookes Quilting. It’s my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary later on this year, and I’m planning to make them a quilt to commemorate this. Earlier in the day I’d found a pattern I thought would work well. This was from Daisy Chain Designs. The lovely ladies at Cookes Quilting spent quite a time with me, helping me choose fabrics for the quilt – thank you very much ladies 🙂

Cookesquilting and Daisy Chain Designs

There is another border panel on order, like the piece shown at the bottom, only in cream and red. Hopefully these fabrics will work out well.

I had a great day out, and spent far too much! 😉 There were some magnificent quilts exhibited, and some particularly poignant World War One memorial quilts.

Rose xx


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