A family of Fabricaholics?

A while ago, my OHs second eldest niece (who’s 13) mentioned a sewing project she would soon be doing at school, that she would need some scraps of fabric for. So of course, I invited her round to see my scraps, which evolved into looking through my entire fabric collection.

Well, I must say, the girl’s got taste!! It was fun going through my fabrics with her, and I soon discovered that we appear to have a future fabricaholic in the making, as her “yes please” pile started to grow and grow! Lol! So her ‘few scraps’ turned into a bag containing a number of full fat quarters along with some scraps. She did assure me that any fabric that wasn’t used in her project would be returned. *COUGH COUGH πŸ˜‰

Well she’s recently finished the project, and here’s the result:

Selina's Owl front


Isn’t it cute? And can you believe this is her first ever sewing project? Just to elaborate, she’d never used a sewing machine before, or done any kind of hand sewing. Β I wish I had this much ability at her age, perhaps then I wouldn’t have waited until my late thirties before taking up sewing seriously.

Selina's Owl back

She’s even included some pockets on the rear of the pillow, to store items like her iphone – typical teenager can’t go anywhere without that!

Selina's Owl pockets

I’m really impressed at how well she’s kept the body shape of the Owl, and at her sewing in general. She’s used a sewing machine for the first time, and used both straight and zigzag stitch, and even sewn circles. She’s also hand sewn the pupils in the Owl’s eyes, as well as hand sewing the Owl closed of course.

I’m really hoping she’ll carry on with her sewing, it would be a shame to waste such natural talent! I’ve invited her around to sew with me any time, and hope and look forward to her taking me up on this offer!


What natural talents do youngsters you know possess? What do you do to encourage these talents?


Rose xx


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