Finish A Long Q2 2014

Hi everyone!!

I am still around, despite the lack of blog posts. – Sorry about that.

To try to help to motivate myself to get projects completed, I have decided to join in with the Quarter 2 Finish A Long 2014.


A few weeks ago, I made this swimming bag for my OHs youngest niece.

Swimming bag

It was liked so much (and is used for everything, not just swimming), I’ve now been tasked to make one for each of her two older sisters! They’ve chosen the ripstop fabric they like, so now they need making up …….

Swimming Bag Supplies

The next item on my list is a present for my OHs lovely Auntie (it’s ok, she doesn’t read blogs). Like me, she’s a crazy cat lady! So I’m sure this cat panel will go down a treat once it’s been quilted up and made into a wall hanging …….

Wall Hanging


Continuing on the Kitty theme, the next project on my list is a fab little fabric cat house. I have downloaded the pattern by Penny Layman, and am sure my 3 kitties will love sleeping and playing in this adorable little house. I’m planning to use this lovely soft fleece on the floor for them, and other various kitty themed fabrics for the walls and roof.

Cat fleece

There should be other finishes within the quarter too, but this is all I can think of listing.


I’m looking forward to seeing how I get on with my first FAL.

I’ll update you all with new photos as and when I finish these projects.


Rose xx


6 thoughts on “Finish A Long Q2 2014

    • Hi Wendy, they’re are plenty of us around 🙂 My only concern is that I’ll want to keep the kitty panel myself once it’s finished. I’m hoping to get onto it very soon, so hopefully you’ll see pics soon.


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