Over the weekend ….

Well, had a pretty productive weekend. Didn’t exactly get everything I’d planned to done, but did help Si (my OH) finish making and putting up a design wall for me, so that was a bonus!!

Isn’t it great! And I’ve got some lovely blocks from the Quilt Together that I’m part of displayed on it :-).

He had a few problems with it. – I found a tutorial that I got him to follow, and he used duck tape to secure the wadding to the back of the insulating board, as per the tutorial. But for some reason the duck tape wouldn’t stick properly to the insulating board. So he ended up getting some No More Nails double-sided tape, and used that. We also put a load of drawing pin in too, to hold the wadding onto the back.

I’ve also made a lot of progress on my cushion cover, from the swap. I don’t have many followers yet, being such a new blog, so I’m hoping my partner’s not following, and I’m safe to show this here (fingers crossed):

Nearly there ...

As you can see, he needs the whiskers finishing on the other side of his face. Should get those finished tonight – I’ve used seed beads to do those, I thought the different textures would be quite nice. 🙂

I must admit, I’m becoming quite attached to him, and am going to find it hard to part with him. But I’m sure he’ll have a lovely home with my swap partner.

When the whiskers are finished, I need to add a border around him, to make it fit an 18 inch cushion. – Any suggestions as to what colour I should make the border?

Well, that’s it for now. As well as finishing the cushion, I will be getting on with making a Rosebud block for the Quilt Together group. (I’ve already received mine, and it’s on my design wall).

I’ve also got a Riley Blake Super Hero panel to make up, for a nieces birthday in 10 days. Should be a fun make!



Don’t forget to let me know what colour you think I should use for the cushion border!

Rose xx


5 thoughts on “Over the weekend ….

  1. I really enjoy your blogs, seeing you start from the beginning and blossoming after each one, keep up the great work, can’t wait to see what you are doing next, and, I LOVE your design wall too xx


    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comments, and the follow. 🙂
      Lol! You’re not the first person whose thought the cushion is a fox – I’m starting to worry now! – It’s supposed to be a cat, and the blue is it’s collar. – Perhaps I should have chosen a different colour for the body of the cat!
      Have thought about the using the blue – it has been suggested by others too. My only concern is the collar might get lost in it??


      • Oh no I’m so sorry! I wasn’t wearing my glasses if that any consolation?!! You could add double border to it maybe a thin 1 on the inside and the a chunkier 1 with the blue at the very edge to really make it stand out. It looks great already and I’m sure it’ll be perfect however you decide to finish it off! I’m looking forward to seeing the end result xx


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