Long time, no blog!!

Hi everyone,

I am still around, despite not blogging for a while!

I better start by apologising for my photo heavy blog – I’ve had a lot to catch up with! 

Sadly, at the end of September my OHs 96 year old Nan passed away. I was very close to Nan too, and was obviously devastated. 

I also learned that I am a rubbish crafter when feeling sad, so found that I could not sew anything for a few weeks.

This meant that a Cushion swap that I was working on would be late, which I feel awful about. I was working on this project when we heard the news about Nan passing, and because I’m quite an emotional person, I’m still finding it difficult to work on this project. Luckily I have a very understanding swap partner, and so am working on it a bit at a time. Here’s a sneak peak of the cushion:



Some more WIPs I have are some lovely Christmas decorations. These will be for sale once completed – please contact me if you’re interested. I have a number of the small square decorations.




I’m planning to sew three of these Xmas tree shapes together, then stuff to make a 3d tree. – Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the finished project soon, although I do have a number of birthday makes to get through now. 


I have finished some projects since my last blog too. One of my lovely friends ordered a cushion cover, that needed a border to make up it’s size as the Kittie panel wasn’t big enough:



I do have some of these panels left. Please contact me if you’d like something made with this gorgeous kitten.

I also made a Card Trick block. The first block I’ve completed for a Quilt Along Friendship Swap.


I must say I was quite pleased with how it had turned out. It was only the second proper block I’d made, and my first attempt at quarter square triangles. The next block is a Rosebud block, which I need to make asap!

If you’re still reading, well done! This will be my last photo. I finally plucked up the courage to try fitting a zip! I made up a small coin purse kit that I’d purchased from Simply Solids in a sale a while ago, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they weren’t the scary monsters I’d imagined them to be! I think the purse looks quite cute, what do you think? 


I have more zips on order now!


One last thing before I go – Have you been following the Come Quilt With Me blogs from Quirky Hannah? If you are at all interested in patchwork/quilting, then these posts will be of interest to you. Great for those new to the world of patchwork/quilting, as well as giving inspiration to those already doing the craft. 

Sorry I’ve written such a long post – had a lot of catching up to do! I won’t leave it as long next time!

Happy Crafting!

Rose xx


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