Come Quilt With Me….


Now I love sewing and anything to do with patchwork and quilting to the point of obsession. Sometimes it can be lonely or more than overwhelming with all these ideas buzzing around- I have a knack of starting one project only to move on to the next!

One thing I do especially enjoy is encouraging and inspiring others to dip their toes into this world no matter their ability. So the idea of an informal quilt along was born where I will be sharing ideas, projects and tutorials with the aim of encouraging people to take baby steps into this world and building up their confidence.

As well as that is the aim of motivating, sharing with each other and showing off our completed projects. Iโ€™m by no means an expert so will be learning some things too ๐Ÿ™‚ There will be a Flickr group set up where you canโ€ฆ

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