Welcome to RoseyToesSews!

Hi All,

Welcome to my first blog!! Eeek! Some of you may already know me as @RoseyToesRose on Twitter, or Rose Smith on Facebook.

I really enjoy sewing, and have been giving my sewing projects to friends and family as presents. After receiving really positive feedback from them, and from other friends who have seen photos of various projects, I have now decided to start selling my work. You can take a look at items I’ve made in this album: Items I’ve Made

To start with, I thought I’d sell lavender pillows. I’m making these in approx 5 inch (12.5cm) squares, and with a choice of fabric theme. They have an optional D-Ring attached to the ribbon, to help the pillows hang neatly on a hook. Lavender pillows are priced at £5 each plus postage. This shows examples of lavender pillows I’ve already made: Lavender pillows collage
I have already completed my first customer order, for two pillows. One Owl themed, and one Cat themed. Here’s what the customer tweeted about them: https://twitter.com/Nightowl400/status/374864853850402816

I’m also accepting orders for cushion covers. These are priced individually, depending upon size, material and type of cover required.

I hope to be expanding my range of items for sale. If you have any suggestions or requests, I would love to hear them! Thanks.


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